Are you wanting to replace your windows and door, but concerned about the cold weather interfering?

This question may make homeowners question if doors and windows can be replaced year-round and the answer is yes! There are several reasons as to why we suggest to homeowners to make  any necessary changes as soon as possible, instead of waiting until the spring season approaches. There are plenty of things to think about when starting a new window or door replacement project, so here are some tips that can make you feel more informed and aid you through this process.

Style, process, and provision are the items to consider during the introduction phase of a replacement project.

Overall Look & Design

Choosing a window or door to replace can depend on the unique style of your home. If you to match your current look or if you want to start fresh with a new design, you have the ability to impact both the interior and exterior of your home with the fashion and materials you decide.

If the look of your door or window is the number one priority for you, we advise that you bring in images of styles or home designs that interest you as well as photos of your current look. This will aid the consultant through this process, making sure everything you desire will be featured during the replacement process.

Know Your Options

A replacement process begins with viewing the options that are available to you. You will then be informed by a consultant as to what you can expect moving forward with each brand and a visit to your home to discuss further. This home meeting can discuss the specific details of the installation process, pricing, and build proposals depending on your project.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s windows and doors have energy efficiency standards normally as a number one priority. Several manufacturers develop their product with the idea of making products to suit every climate zone, having orders placed consequently. The ratings and insulating factors will vary quite considerably between products, therefore we advise you to make sure to discuss this subject along with your sales consultant to ensure you recognize that the product you want can meet your requirements.

Installation Process

Windows and doors are usually put in from the outside of a home, however, there are some cases where this was not an option and a consultant should inform you prior to your project before moving forward. It is essential that you understand how your products are being installed since not all projects are the same. Weather does factor into the schedule of the installation, but your installation team will be flexible and make sure you are comfortable. Strong communication is a key component to the success of a project and the main goal for all installers is to have happy homeowners that are satisfied with their new windows or doors.


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