Choosing the right window for your home goes so much deeper than style. Although most people would choose a certain replacement window just for its aesthetic value, there are actually other factors to consider when choosing the right one for your home.

At Great Plains Windows and Doors, we offer beautifully crafted Andersen Windows products made in Bayport, MN that will certainly add elegance and class to any home. With so many different architectural styles and functions of windows, we offer Andersen’s full line of windows to meet just about any need. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a window from Great Plains Windows and Doors.

The Beauty

Of course everyone would want their new windows to look nice, but not all windows have “the look”. Andersen windows from Great Plains Windows can bring a touch of class and style to any home. Check out the gallery in our website and see for yourself how Great Plains Windows and Doors can add to the beauty of your home.

The Options

We offer 4 different lines of windows: A-Series, E-Series, 400 Series, and 100 Series. Every line of window offers a few similar features and benefits, but there are subtle differences that affect aesthetics, performance, and function. Take a look at our WINDOWS page to get a better understanding of the options associated with each series.

The Durability

The Andersen difference includes a generational commitment to excellent, long-lasting products. Only Andersen offers these solutions across such a complex line of windows. You’ll get some of the modern-day conveniences, like minimum maintenance and smooth operations, mixed with historically correct interior wood finishes. All of our window lines can meet or exceed Energy Star rating.

The Energy Efficiency

The glass in our windows is the hallmark of the industry. Made by Cardinal Glass, we offer high-performance glass options for each phase of our complicated seasons. Add efficiency to your home by replacing drafty, uninsulated windows. Our windows are dual-pane and have a low-emissivity coating that can control solar heat gain and insulation value of the window. We also hear that our insulated windows are a lot quieter than the old windows we replaced.

The Assurances

Andersen Windows offers one of the strongest window replacement limited warranties you will find, providing you ample assurance that when we’re done with your home improvement project, you will get exactly what you expect. On top of a warranty that includes parts AND labor, Great Plains Windows offers an additional 2-year warranty on their installation.

So if you’re interested to enhance your home by installing new windows in St. Paul or Minneapolis, look no further than Great Plains Windows and Doors. Our resident experts are here to help. Find out more at or call us today at 651-207-4571.