Every window salesperson will say their window is the best. Think about it, they only have one window line to sell and if it isn’t the best, then why would anyone buy it. The worst thing about even exploring a new window project is dealing with a salesperson tied to an agenda. It certainly makes it harder for a homeowner to determine which window is right for them. We want to provide some tips to help determine the differences between replacement window options and the contractors that install them.

Occasionally successful sales people don’t really have to “sell”. They represent a product they believe in and offer a service that they are experts at. But just like with the auto industry, there are various levels of quality, and construction. Unlike the auto industry, in home improvement, there usually isn’t a “test drive” option and every house has it’s own story and needs. Many homeowners are left to select an option or view a product based on a small table top sample. If you are considering a reputable, established contractor, they should have a showroom with actual installed windows for your to view the fit and feel of different product options. This takes some of the guessing out of the game.

Our team at Great Plains Windows and Doors has a complete solution because we can offer the entire Andersen Windows line-up which includes wood, fiberglass, composite, Fibrex, and metal clad windows. Our team of account representatives can confidently present the right solution for your home without feeling boxed into one style or line of windows.

Here are 5 tips to help decide which replacement window is the best for you:


You can tell a lot about a window based on the actual printed warranty that backs it up. If a manufacturer has a made a high quality window, they will print their commitment to stand behind it. If they are not confident in their window or are embarrassed by their warranty, they won’t. You should be able to go to their website and view the actual fine print related to their window warranty.

An additional concern is installation. You could have the most efficient and beautiful window in the world, but if it is not installed properly you will have problems. There are a lot of different installers out there with very different levels of skill and experience. The highest skilled professionals demand higher pay, especially in today’s exceedingly tight labor market. Most companies will provide a limited 1-year warranty for installation. Look for a company that warranties the installation for an extended period of time. Only a company that has invested in their crews and therefore has confidence in them will be willing to do this.

#2 – PRICE

Don’t think your going to get a great window for the lowest price. Even though some people love a great deal, there is a difference between a fair price for a quality product and an exorbitant price for a poor product. Buying on price alone will get you a Band-Aid for a few years, but you’ll see a shortening of product lifespan that could require you to replace again in an accelerated time window.


Buying a window from a local contractor, especially a certified contractor, you’ll get specific knowledge of construction in your area and usually find better service for a product designed for your climate. Buying from a “factory-direct” dealer like Great Plains Windows and Doors will also allow you to get better product for your money because product isn’t marked up every step of the distribution process.


What do the company’s own customers have to say? Angie’s List, Facebook Reviews, and Google Reviews are the best places to find out! It’s important to get to know the companies you are considering and research them. Use online reviews as a gut check for your experience with a sales rep.


Most remodeling companies that survive years in the Twin Cities market are doing something right. One of those things we can do as a renovation contractor is invest in our employees and installers to gain exposure and experience that is invaluable for troubleshooting and ensuring each installation is the right application for that specific home. We are one of the first contractors in the country to go through a rigorous Certified Contractor program with Andersen Windows. Not only do we know the ins and outs of the various Andersen Windows series, but we were tested on our ability to meet installation criteria right down the road at the Andersen training center in Bayport.


Hopefully these tips will help you decide which window is the best for your home. For more information about Twin Cities Window Replacement, visit us at www.greatplainswindow.com or come see our showroom in Oakdale!