It’s September and the Twin Cities window installers at Great Plains Windows and Doors are busy finishing up projects to make room for the Fall run up to Winter. We’ve recently completed several home remodeling projects with Andersen 400 Series windows and wanted to share an update of our experiences with Andersen Windows this year.

For many window and door manufacturers this is an overwhelming time of year. It is not only the busiest season for window replacement, but it’s also the tail end of a year of product development and updates and planning. Many times, manufacturers aren’t able to keep up with demand and it pushes out product fulfillment timelines. This is where Andersen is a great partner. Our production lead times haven’t been affected by the Fall window run.

Needless to say, it’s been a pretty good year too be an Andersen Window installer in the Twin Cities.

400 Series Continues to Dominate the Market

Andersen’s flagship product continues to flourish in the replacement and remodeling market. The tools Andersen has released, like trim and installation accessories, have been a game changer in the evolution of replacement-first design. We’ve been fortunate to install several Andersen Woodwright double hung projects this year and the interest in the Woodwright product continues to grow.

Window Replacement is Booming in Minneapolis

Minneapolis window replacement projects are up more than 22% year over year. The interest is driven by a well-adjusted housing market and  a willingness to invest in houses for the long-term.

Exterior window replacement stucco house

Minneapolis Window Replacement Project

Wood is the Most Preferred Interior

Low-maintenance vinyl has led the industry for many years as a preference, but we’ve seen a jump in the interest for wood window interiors. Specifically pine and in some cases oak or maple. In historical or traditional construction, wood windows are the right application. Fortunately Andersen Windows have wood interiors in nearly all of their series.

Wood Interior Andersen Woodwright Double Hung

Andersen 400 Series with Wood Interior

Complete Window Replacement

The “insert replacement window” is starting to phase out. The look and performance of an insert window doesn’t really compare to a full-frame installation. Insert installation is defined as leaving the existing window frame in tact. Full frame or complete window replacement involves removing the entire window frame down to the rough opening and rebuilding the opening. It allows the installation to be completely weathertight and sealed while often increasing glass size.

Patio Doors are a Twin Cities Tradition

In nearly every home we look at, there is a patio door. Usually a wood patio door, but sometimes vinyl or aluminum doors are installed. It’s pretty common that we end up replacing a patio door with a window replacement project. Especially in suburbs like Eagan or Eden Prairie where the age of installed patio doors are starting to show their age. We use Andersen 400 Series patio doors for many of our replacement projects. Built to last in our roller coaster climate and look great while doing it.


We’re happy to be the exclusive Andersen-only replacement window installer in the Twin Cities. There are clear advantages to working with professional manufacturers including product innovation, design support, and continual customer care. It’s the reason we chose to partner with Andersen and why we will continue to supply the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro area with the best window replacement experience imaginable.


At Great Plains Windows and Doors, We are all Andersen, All the time. And we’re the only ones doing it this way. Come see what we have to offer.

If you need some help navigating the window replacement process or looking into a replacement patio door solution in St. Paul or Minneapolis, look no further than Great Plains Windows and Doors. Our residential window experts are here to help. Find out more at or call us today at 651-207-4571.


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