Have you noticed a draft coming through your windows now that cooler nights are here? The end of summer is fast approaching, and it is the season to prepare for Winter by getting your windows replaced before the frost sets in. We explore the right time to replace windows in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Whether you’re motivation is reducing heating and energy-related costs, having easy to clean windows, or your existing windows are just worn out, we have a variety of options for any home.

Since 1991, we’ve been supporting homeowners through the replacement process. Some of the more common concerns we see are drafts, rot around the wood or moisture, failed window seals (fogged glass), and inoperable windows. These are signs the windows need attention and likely need to to be replaced. Long-term exposure to the elements can shorten a window or door’s life expectancy and result in potentially far-reaching damage to a window opening and beyond. In a recent blog, we showed that fixing a window isn’t always easier or cheaper than actually replacing it entirely.

One of the more confusing aspects of window replacement and door and window research in general is what design or type of window is the best for your home. Are you bound to a certain architectural style? Are you looking to get more cross-ventilation? If you are unsure which window or style is right for you, we have some answers.

Online Window Replacement Tools

We utilize a few tools, both online and in print to help us navigate to a window style that fits your home.

Andersenwindows.com lists different types of windows, including insert windows, which are best for preserving interior and exterior trim and work if the original window frame is solid and free of any decay. Full-frame complete replacement windows are good for modifying the size or shape of the window and replacing a rotted or deteriorated window frame. This Architectural Style Guide is designed to explain certain fenestration standards and are organized by architectural style including Queen Anne, Craftsman, Shaker, and Modern. These guides not only help visualize different window influences on construction periods, but also add a degree of architectural correctness to any replacement project. Pinterest has exploded with window and door ideas. Check out THIS board for ideas to replace windows. The State of Minnesota has put out a Home Energy Guide(pdf) to educate homeowners on some of the more value-based home improvements including window and door replacement. Installing energy-efficient windows in your home from a reputable manufacturer and installer can be the answer to your window pains. With a relatively short payback period, new, energy-efficient windows can pay for themselves through lower heating and cooling costs.

If a you’re considering tackling a window installation as a do-it-yourself project, make sure you know what’s involved. Accurate measurements need to be taken, among other considerations. Like so many home improvement project, you can try to do it yourself, but a professional installer like Great Plains Windows and Doors can eliminate the headaches. We are going to come to home with the expectation that it gets completed on a planned timeline. Time is valuable to our clients and we want people to enjoy their windows when they are home rather than have to work on them!

If you’re considering a window replacement project in the Twin Cities, consider our installation team!


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