Temperatures are starting to drop and the hours of daylight are getting shorter by the minute.  As you start putting away your hoses and other outdoor tools, we suggest devoting some time to your windows for the winter season. If you are unsure how to properly take care of your windows and window screens, we have the answers just for you.

Storing for Winter

So the question is, should you reinstall your window screens for the winter? There are a couple of reasons you should not keep your screens on your windows over the winter, but instead store them until spring. If you have single-pane windows, we suggest removing the screens and replacing with storm windows. Otherwise, a single pane of glass is extremely inefficient at keeping the heated air within your home. During a storm, there is a strong chance that wind could blow snow that can get trapped between the screen and also the window. That trapped snow can cause severe damage to your window frames and sills, as well as potentially damaging the screen mesh from the weight of the snow. By removing the screens it also give off an appealing to your windows, giving them an extra shimmer reflecting the glass during the cold winter months.

Interior and Exterior Screens

Most window screens, such as for double-hung and slider windows, are placed on the outside of the window. An exception would be casement windows because with this type of window, the screens are mounted on the inside.

For exterior screens, you would start by removing them before you start washing your windows to make that process a little easier. You can also vacuum your window screens and examine them for any holes or additional wear and tear. This way, you can see which screens are in good condition and which ones may need to be repaired. After looking for any damages, store the ones in good condition in a safe spot in either a garage or basement so they stay in that same condition after the winter season. Another idea you could do is label the ones in good shape and the ones that need assistance if you are planning to wait until spring to replace them.

Solar Heat Gain

Another important reason to consider removing your window screens is improved solar heat gain. If you are not familiar with how solar heat gain works, it is the overall quantity of solar energy that pierces a window. For windows that face the sun, primarily south and east facing windows, solar heat gain is more desirable in the winter because it helps to heat up a room simply from the energy from the sun. If a window screen is left on a window, it reduces the amount of solar energy that reaches the glass.

So whether you remove your window screens for an appealing look to your windows, or to prevent snow build-up and damage, the benefits of solar heat gain we hope you make the right decision for you and your home. Increased warmth in rooms receiving direct sun will help save money on your electric bills and reduce the workload of your heating system.

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