What’s the difference between Andersen Windows Series?

What are the differences between Andersen Windows 100, 400, E-Series, and A-Series Windows? Window shopping can be tricky with so many great options to choose from. We carry 4 different series or [...]

Installing Andersen Windows and Doors in Winter

There’s a common misconception that installing windows and doors in the winter months is a bad thing, so many homeowners hold off because they are afraid too much cold air will get in the [...]

Cleaning Window Mold Off Glass, Sill, or Frame

Solution for Cleaning Window Mold Mold is all around us, but a damp environment can create significant mold growth. Windows are designed to keep most moisture out of the house, but we see a [...]

Our Experience with 400 Series Andersen Windows

It’s September and the Twin Cities window installers at Great Plains Windows and Doors are busy finishing up projects to make room for the Fall run up to Winter. We’ve recently [...]

When is the Right Time to Replace Your Windows?

Have you noticed a draft coming through your windows now that cooler nights are here? The end of summer is fast approaching, and it is the season to prepare for Winter by getting your windows [...]

Hail Damaged Windows in Minneapolis and St. Paul

How To Recognize Hail Damage to Windows In recent years, the Twin Cities area has seen major hail storms come through on a regular basis causing widespread damage to homes and property. A [...]

Our Window Replacement Process

Our website talks a lot about Andersen Windows and the products that have come to define us as the best window replacement company in the Twin Cities. Andersen’s website does a good job of [...]

Historic Renovation and the Window Restoration Problem

With more than 150,000 housing units built before 1916, the Twin Cities has one of the oldest housing stocks in the country. Older homes require routine maintenance and sometimes intimidating [...]

Energy Efficient Replacement Window Tips To Consider

Gone are the days when all you had to worry about when selecting new windows was if you could find stylish window hardware to fit out-of-the-box windows. Today, homeowners have endless style and [...]

Top 5 Problems with Patio Doors

Minnesota and Wisconsin have the highest density of patio doors per house of anywhere in the country, likely due to the added winter daylight and pleasant backyard views that so many houses [...]

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