With home show season in full effect, homeowners are finding ways to connect with us to get a jump start on home project season.  Many Twin Cities residents are giving serious consideration to replacing their original, single pane, wood windows. Even though most older wood windows include a storm window that, at one point, guarded against gusts of windows, they are pretty much non-functional at this point.

One of the biggest concerns we continue to hear is about aesthetics. How will new windows compare to original single pane, wood windows, and are new windows worth the expense for my home?

When is the Right Time to Replace Windows?

There is a long list of considerations for evaluating when the time is right to replace windows.

  • Existing windows are NOT energy efficient and are single pane (versus insulated glass found in modern Andersen Windows and Patio Doors)
  • Existing windows do not have any weatherstripping to keep out gusty wind and water.
  • Existing windows are difficult to clean.
  • Storm windows are hard to operate and don’t provide much functional performance.
  • Existing windows are not secure.
  • Existing windows let in lots of street or airplane noise.
  • Existing windows do not have a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating – this is the special glass coating that reflects heat back to its source.

Are New Windows Worth the Cost?

Oftentimes the biggest concern when weighing a window replacement project is the Return on Investment (ROI). According to many sources, new, modern windows (versus existing single pane windows) can save homeowners about 20 percent in direct heating/cooling expenses. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report the average replacement window project is about $21,300 for 10 double hung windows. When calculating the average heating and cooling bill for most Twin Cities homes, most homeowners are looking at a 15-20 year ROI when including rising energy costs in the equation.

Overall, this is a pretty good value considering high-end replacement windows can last more than 40 years.

Additionally, new windows bring a near immediate ROI based on curb appeal value. Check out existing home listings and you’ll see many homes listed with descriptions like “Includes new Andersen Windows” or “New Andersen Doors”. The reason many homeowners do this is that Andersen’s name has a certain brand quality associated with it and people looking for a house will immediately see value in a window replacement completed with Andersen windows.

Another replacement window positive is that installing new windows can help with blocking out noise. Most homeowners that commit to a new replacement project from Andersen are more comfortable in general and are happy with windows they can clean.

We’d love an opportunity to put our windows in your home to start adding value today.


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