How To Recognize Hail Damage to Windows

Because we get so many requests, we though it might be good to focus on what hail damage to windows looks like and what you can do about it. First, it’s important to realize that you, as a homeowner, won’t need a professional to recognize if your house has been affected by hail. That, you can do on your own. At Great Plains Windows and Doors, we have developed an easy checklist to quickly recognize if you could have hail damage. This is an important step to address before contacting a contractor. The first thing to do is to take a look around your yard. Do the shrubs, trees or bushes appear to be broken and are leaves and branches scattered around? If yes, then move on to the windows to take a look.

 Hail damage to windows has five major indicators:

  1.  The frame is broken or severely dented
  2.  The screens on window are torn up or ripped
  3. Glazing is cracked
  4. The metal flashing surrounding the window (cladding) or the metal frame is dented (if applicable)

If you noticed any one of the five indicators listed above, then don’t wait to give us a call. Waiting to repair or replace windows could cause even more damage to your home. Broken window seals can deteriorate allowing cold air and moisture to permeate which could lead to even more problems.

Choosing a Hail Resistant Window

While no product can stand up to everything Mother Nature will conjure up, you can make decisions to help limit your exposure to window and door hail damage.

  1. Choose window exteriors that don’t dent – metal and wood are more susceptible to hail damage
  2. Some window glass is more resistant to impacts than others – Andersen and Marvin windows have double strength glass that is stronger than normal window glass
  3. Use a thicker metal for window trim cladding

A reputable manufacturer will consider hail damage in their design process. Be sure to check your window warranty as well. It could discuss coverage in the case of a hail damage event.

If you’ve confirmed you have hail damage to your windows, don’t wait. Reach out to a company your neighbors trust, give Great Plains Windows a call!


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