There’s a common misconception that installing windows and doors in the winter months is a bad thing, so many homeowners hold off because they are afraid too much cold air will get in the house or they will get a poor quality installation overall.
While the concern seems to make sense on the surface- after all it is cold outside in winter! – if you have a company with a cold weather installation plan, it doesn’t really matter when the window or door is installed.

Isn’t It Too Cold To Install Windows?

One of the most common concerns is having a frozen house from opening your home to the outdoors. In fact, the opening will only be exposed to the weather for only a few minutes. The same is true with doors.

The process goes fairly quickly because new products are all prepped for the installation. The old window is taken out, the opening cleaned and any alterations are made, such as replacing rotted wood or putting in a water barrier around the opening. Then the window is placed into the opening, leveled and secured. Because the windows are custom fit, there are minimal gaps around the perimeter of the window and we will be placing multiple layers of insulation in those gaps.

If there are multiple windows involved, winter installation is done one at a time to reduce heat leakage. In the summer, of course, multiple windows can be taken out at once.

Doesn’t Caulk and Sealant Freeze Before It Can Cure?

Another major concern with cold weather winter installation relates to caulking and sealants. At Great Plains Windows and Doors, we adapt to the Twin Cities winter weather by using products designed for specific temperature and humidity. There are reasons you shouldn’t be painting with water-based paints when the temperature is less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The same goes for certain sealants. As the temperatures get colder, we adapt by using products designed for cold weather application. The cure time for exterior caulk can increase in the winter, but this doesn’t slow the overall installation. It  just means you need to wait a little while before touching to see if it is dry if that’s what you need to do.

What’s the Right Window for Your Home

Usually when people want a window installation, they call us to set up a home visit to discuss options. But if someone prefers to shop the showroom first where we can explain and walk-through window options and our installation process. A follow-up visit to the home is always required because we need to measure and to assess whether wood needs to be replaced or any other potential issues. After that is determined, we can estimate your project.

At Great Plains Windows and Doors, there is no pressure to make a decision. We present the facts and figures and let the you decide how you want to proceed. We have all heard stories of high-pressure sales tactics where the homeowner can barely get the salesperson out of the house. We’re not about that. We’re here to help homeowners with the different options available to make an informed decision. After an in-home visit, if you’re comfortable, we can set up an installation schedule. If not then they can take a few days to think about it. We can always come back and do paperwork another time.

When a customer goes on the schedule, we have one of our production managers go out to re-measure the windows so they will be an exact fit. The product is ordered and when we know it is going to hit our doorstep, we’ll call the homeowner for an installation date.

When choosing doors, it does take a considerable amount of time because there are so many choices with style, material, glass, hardware, paint or wood grain, interior moldings…but as with window installations, we can explain the options and what will work or not work.

Expert Andersen Installation

One big advantage for working with a window and door specialty contractor is that they can offer an expert installation. And as a company committed to installing one brand of windows, Andersen Windows, we are even more specialized. Our installers know when something is missing from one our products and they know the names and numbers of parts and pieces in case a replacement part is required. As an Andersen Certified Installation Contractor we also have had unique training experience in a hands-on lab at Andersen’s manufacturing facility in Bayport, MN. Our team has concentrated on AW windows and patio doors to be able to deliver the best experience with the best application of the best window and door product on the market.

Hopefully if you are considering a window or door replacement project, you’ll choose Great Plains Windows and Doors.


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