Once again, the Minnesota weather skipped spring and move directly from winter to summer. You’ve probably had the chance to crack your windows to let in some fresh air and received your annual reminder that you need to do something about your windows.

Perhaps no home improvement project has greater perceived value than a window replacement project for your home. Does this perception make sense? Like most investment decision the answer is, “It depends”.

The first thing to do is analyze your current situation. How many windows does your house have? How old are they? How many panes of glass do they have? It may be that your current windows, while not at peak performance levels by today’s standards, are still performing well.

Replacement windows can save between 10 and 25 percent per year on heating and cooling if you currently have single-pane windows. But because the cost of replacing all the windows in your home can run anywhere from $4,000 to more than $40,000 depending on the number, style, and performance options of the windows, it could take many years just to recoup the cost with direct energy savings.

If you do decide to buy new replacement windows, take into consideration what kind of windows homes in your neighborhood currently have. Specifically, take the time to evaluate the windows that seem to be performing over the long term. You’ll likely notice a lot of homes have vinyl replacement windows, which are very popular because of their low cost, but you’ll also notice that the long-term performing windows are mostly coming from Andersen, Marvin, or Pella. These companies have positioned themselves with products designed to stand the test of time and because they put their name on their products, they want their products to last.

We can also be a good resource for helping you decide if new windows are right for you. At Great Plains Windows and Doors, we believe in a sales approach that will walk you through all the options and because we are the only strictly replacement contractor supplying Andersen’s full line of windows in the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro, we bring a unique approach to the window replacement market. We’ve been helping homeowners with replacement and new construction window projects since 1991 and we’d love to help you.


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