What are the differences between Andersen Windows 100, 400, E-Series, and A-Series Windows?

Window shopping can be tricky with so many great options to choose from. We carry 4 different series or lines of Andersen Windows at Great Plains Windows: 100 Series, 400 Series, E-Series (Eagle) and A-Series (Architectural). Let’s review what makes each one special.

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100 Series

Price: $$

Andersen 100 Series is a superior alternative to vinyl windows, because they are made of composite Fibrex material. Fibrex material is made with 40% reclaimed wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic polymer. Most of the Fibrex material is regenerated, making it sustainable and earth friendly. It also reduces VOC emissions because there are no wood treatments or painting needed. Andersen’s Fibrex material is amazingly tough and will not fade, blister, peel, or flake. 100 Series Windows are highly durable, energy efficient, and eco-friendly.

Made for: New Construction, Value Replacement

Styles available: Awning, Casement, Gliding, Single-Hung, Picture, Specialty Shapes, Patio Doors

Pluses: Custom sizes, entry-level pricing, made of renewable fibrex composite material

Minuses: Only available in single-hung, limited sizing, configuration, and exterior trim options,  not available with wood interior

400 Series

Price: $$$

Andersen 400 Series windows have beautiful wood interiors and tough Perma-Shield® exteriors. The Perma-Shield® exterior was formulated by Andersen in 1966 to enable wood windows to have tough vinyl exteriors. Perma-Shield® exteriors are low maintenance and do not require any painting. The 400 Series is our most popular choice for wood interior replacement windows, and they offer more color options and flexibility than the 100 Series. They also have extensive exterior trim kit options, which the 100 Series does not.

Made for: Complete Window Replacment, New Construction, Specialty Commercial

Styles available: Double-Hung, Woodwright (replacement), Casement, Awning, Gliding, Picture, Specialty Shapes, Frenchwood Doors, Bay Windows

Pluses: Custom sizes in most styles, interior wood, hardware and grille options, Perma-Shield® performance, replacement design 

Minuses: Custom sizes missing from gliding, not all wood species available in all styles

E-Series – Eagle Windows

Price: $$$$$

E-Series is Andersen’s most customizeable window line. Formerly known as Eagle Windows and Doors, Andersen Architectural Collection E-Series windows have an extruded aluminum exterior with the most extensive color pallet from Andersen and has become the go-to for specialized options like custom radius windows and specialty shapes. The interior of the E-Series is available in more than 6 species of wood and allows the most options for matching finishes.

Made for: New Construction, Specialty Replacement

Styles available: Double-Hung, Casement, Awning, Push-out Awning/Casement, Gliding, Picture, Specialty Shapes, Monumental, Patio Doors 

Pluses: Custom sizes in 1/8″ increments, interior wood species, hardware, and grille options, vast color pallet, architectural

Minuses: Custom option pricing, alignment with other Andersen Windows

A Series – Architectural Series

Price: $$$$$

A-Series is Andersen’s premium window line. Like the 400 Series, A-Series also features wood interiors, but incorporates fiberglass, Fibrex and Perma-Shield® on the exterior. What sets this series apart is the attention to architectural detail, and wide selection of colors and wood species. It’s a popular choice among architects and designers seeking to create an authentic architectural or historical style. A-Series is also the best performing and most energy efficient window series from Andersen, making it a great choice for anyone seeking a top-quality window.

Made for: New Construction, High-End Replacement

Styles available: Double-Hung, Casement, Awning, Picture, Specialty Shapes, Patio Doors 

Pluses: Custom sizes in 1/8″ increments, wood interiors, configuration alignment, energy efficiency

Minuses: Not available in gliding window, top-tier pricing


Why Are We “All Andersen” at Great Plains Windows and Doors?

Andersen is a stalwart Energy Star Partner. All Andersen Windows are energy-efficient with the same great double pane glass makeup. Andersen window glass are insulated between the panes with Argon gas and there are a host of glass coating options including low-E4, SmartSun, and HeatLock. Andersen Corporation takes sustainability seriously with all of their products. Andersen Corporation practices careful wood sourcing which has earned them the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. Andersen has the manufacturing wherewithal to craft robust windows that have been impressing us and our happy customers for many years. We strongly endorse their products for high quality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency.

We are all Andersen, all the time. And we’re the only ones doing it this way. Come see what we have to offer.

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